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Updated: Jun 3

Mattress cleaning has become one of the most important necessities in everyday homes. Because we spend 6-10 hours a day on average sleeping, we are constantly bringing dirt, dander, dust, germs, bacteria, and possibly bugs to bed with us. Children also spread more germs and bacteria than adults. Making sure you child's sleep area is clean is important for their health. Though a mattress does not need to be cleaned as much as sheets or pillow cases, it is important to schedule your mattress cleaning yearly!

Having pets can also be another factor into scheduling a mattress cleaning. Pets often have accidents or even anxious moments that can cause damage and or odor. Pet urine seeps down in the the mattress fibers making it very hard to thoroughly clean without professional equipment. If your pet DOES have an accident, the best solution is to apply Club Soda to the affected area and use a Shop Vac to suck up as much moisture as possible. Do not dab or apply pressure to the wet area, this will only push the urine further down into the mattress fibers. Be sure to call The Galaxy's Finest as soon as you can!

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